Sunday, January 21, 2007

Not Pictured: Super Mario


Baby, you can type my car

For some reason, I think I have found the perfect car for Tom and John...aside from the sunny sentiments across the back bumper.

I will leave it to you to determine why it might be an appropriate choice.


Monday, January 08, 2007

December montage

Two months later, I'm back to blog again! Here is the Cliff Notes version of December.

I had a birthday! Sweeeet. I guess I was more excited about it than my father was.

Then we had Christmas. Overflowing stockings bring out the beast in me.

I fell in love with a reindeer, but we found our glowing noses prevented any effective smooching.

Jeremy sent my parents Tongan fans from New Zealand. They knew just what to do with them.

I'm sure Ian will appreciate these pictures being posted for the world to see. He's like a toddler, discovering the world for he first time. Shiny tie!

We took a trip to the Griffith Observatory, where I had my best celebrity encounter ever. He was so polite...willing to pose for pictures for hours.

This perfectly captures the true nature of my family's holidays.

My mom is the cutest. So cute, in fact...

I just can't resist singing "Shake Your Whammy Fanny" whenever we're dancing.