Friday, March 02, 2007

Scenes from the Driver's Seat

Recently I drove from LA up to San Jose. On my way up, the scenery was stunning, so I decided to drive recklessly, risking my life and the lives of countless innocents, to take some blurry through-the-windshield pictures. I am very pleased that I survived and that the pictures turned out better than expected.

I think this is what it means when people say "the sky turned threatening."

There were brief snow flurries, but nothing that really stuck to the windshield. Apparently, a few days earlier people were using snow chains. Being an oblivious Californian, I have never even seen snow chains in action, much less owned them, so I was VERY glad their services were not required.

Near the top of Tejon Pass, the snowy peaks seemed to melt into the clouds. I definitely swerved a few times taking these shots.

A few hours on: "Blue skiiiiies, smiling at me..."

Nothing but happiness from here on out.