Sunday, September 28, 2008

Trick or Treat

I can tell this is going to be the best Halloween ever! It's still September, and already the candy is coming to me. No more of this going door to door and begging nonsense.

I came home from work yesterday to find a huge box from the National Confectioner's Association. Inside was a big tote bag full of Halloween goodies (and some candy I recognize from the Expo, hmmm) to get me in the holiday spirit. I'm trying to refrain from munching, so that I can properly sort it and decide what I want to review for the website. (Here's a sneak peak for you: not a fan of sugar-free Peeps). Add this to the big bag of candy I still have from the Expo, and we have a serious Candy Situation in our apartment. Once I get on top of my work (ha!) and sort it all, we might have to have a big candy party.

Speaking of Halloween, someone should invite us to a far-out costume party this year, because I have been dying to make Sesame Street martian costumes for Jason and I. "Yep yep yep yep...brrrrrrring!"

Look, this girl did it and they turned out adorable. And Jason does a really good martian impression! Won't someone take pity on us and throw an awesome party so I can get crafty?


Thursday, September 25, 2008

Supersize Me II: Revenge of the Burger

If you saw Supersize Me on DVD, you might have caught the bonus footage on the DVD where he talks about a really old McDonald's burger he kept for months, and how it basically didn't change--it had so many chemicals it preserved itself.

I just came across this website about a 12-year old McDonald's hamburger. Ever wonder what a 12-year old hamburger looks like? (Hint: it looks like every other McD's burger). Definitely makes me glad I don't partake, as I'm sure my body wouldn't like trying to "digest" that.

Off my soapbox now. Happy eating, all!


Monday, September 08, 2008

Candid Camera

The last of the vacation photos for awhile...

"Give it to me baby, yeah! Growl like a grizzly baby, nicely done..."

Check out the bite marks on that toast. Who's the grizzly now?

Third in a series about big mouths.

Ian & Amy, keeping their mouths to themselves.

Granddad putting the evil eye on his beanbag opponents. Didn't work though, as team Spawn of Spears beat the grandparents in sudden death overtime. Dramatic!


Friday, September 05, 2008


Arizona wasn't all choreographed musical numbers and random acts of cruiser-inspired violence, oh no. There was also fun and games and ill-advised singing sessions. Presenting...

Proving that you don't have to be drunk to exuberantly fail at karaoke, my family got rowdy with the mike for several hours one night.
My signature song is "It's Raining Men," the Geri Halliwell version. I'm really, really good!

Clockwise from top left: Jeremy and I doing "Bohemian Rhapsody," Amy doing "Colors of the Wind" (she rocked it), my mom and Aunt Alice doing "Hello Dolly." Sadly they did not do it Louis Armstrong style.

How creepy is Jason?!? This is why I can't take him places.
I failed spectacularly at mini golf, but I did get a hole in one! Once. The rest of the time I just gave myself sixes and moved on.

Yes, that is my mom fishing her ball out of the water. I'm not the only one who sucked.


It wouldn't be a family vacation without...a gun? Well, an air gun, anyway. We had a little target practice. I was in the lead for a time (sheer luck) but then Grandma stepped up to the plate and blew us all away. Figuratively. I think I most enjoy the gleeful look on my mom's face as she fires (top left).


Thursday, September 04, 2008

Introducing Cruiser Bruiser

We just got back from a trip to Arizona, where we had a family party for my grandmother's 80th birthday and also got to spend time with J's dad and brother. Sweet! I have a ton of pictures, so I'll spread them out over several posts. Trip highlights include:

Hanging out with Grandma! She and my grandfather totally live the life I want to have once retired: they've traveled all over the world, had amazing adventures, and are very involved in their community.

During the birthday party we sang a song we had written for the occasion (set to the tune of 'Mame'). There was singing, there was guitar-playing, there was choreographed dancing with top hats and canes. There was also a lot of practicing leading up to this moment, with the result that this infernal tune was stuck in our collective brains the entire weekend.

It was great to have the whole family together. It just doesn't happen often enough.

The weather in Flagstaff was gorgeous: overcast, a little rainy, but mostly cool and breezy. Such a nice change from LA! (Phoenix was gross, but that's to be expected). Driving from Phoenix to Flag we had the most insane rain I've ever seen. We actually had to pull off the road because there was no visibility in the rain and hail--I couldn't even see the end of the car. What car, you ask?

Why, the electric blue PT Cruiser we were "lucky" enough to rent! I wasn't excited about it at first, but that all changed when I invented my new favorite game: Cruiser Bruiser. It's like Slug Bug only you get to wallop your partner whenever you spot a Cruiser on the road. There are a surprising number of them out and about! It was most excellent because Jason is tragically oblivious, meaning that I hit him more than a dozen times and he only got me twice. Mwahahah. WHAT a great trip indeed.