Saturday, October 14, 2006

Law and Order: Couture Criminals Unit

Midnight. Fade in on a darkened alleyway. The sound of traffic from a nearby freeway is heard in the distance. The light is dim, and the smell of rotting garbage is pervasive. Suddenly, we hear the rapid clacking of stiletto heels like a gunshot. A woman appears, her face in shadows. She reaches toward her $12,000 crocodileskin handbag, undoes the gold clasp, and pulls out a can of spraypaint in her signature pink. Working quickly, she leaves her mark on the wall and runs. She has almost left the alleyway when she gives her work a quick glance backwards, reconsiders, and goes to add a finishing touch...just in case any other taggers get big ideas about using her sign.
Police are initially baffled. However, one lieutenant has a wife with a pricey shopping habit, and after her spring trip to Paris, he gets his big break upon looking through her photos. Justice is swift, and Coco is once more behind bars, never to terrorize propertyowners in Silverlake again.


Wednesday, October 11, 2006

True story

Last time Ian visited, we roamed the park and found crazy plants of Seussical proportions:

On my morning runs I began noticing bright red stalks growing everywhere. Thinking Ian would enjoy seeing these fantastic plants, I brought my camera to the park to take a picture.
No sooner do I get set up to take this shot, but Kirstie Alley rounds the corner and walks right into my frame. I tried to make it obvious that I was aiming for the plants and she was blocking my picture, in a I'm-not-a-papparazzo type of way, but she kind of gave me the stink-eye when she passed anyhow. Previous to this incident, we were on a "good morning" basis and I had high hopes of becoming BFFs and having Jenny Craig dinner parties, but now I'm afraid it's all ruined.


Wednesday, October 04, 2006

The revolution...something something...televised