Wednesday, October 11, 2006

True story

Last time Ian visited, we roamed the park and found crazy plants of Seussical proportions:

On my morning runs I began noticing bright red stalks growing everywhere. Thinking Ian would enjoy seeing these fantastic plants, I brought my camera to the park to take a picture.
No sooner do I get set up to take this shot, but Kirstie Alley rounds the corner and walks right into my frame. I tried to make it obvious that I was aiming for the plants and she was blocking my picture, in a I'm-not-a-papparazzo type of way, but she kind of gave me the stink-eye when she passed anyhow. Previous to this incident, we were on a "good morning" basis and I had high hopes of becoming BFFs and having Jenny Craig dinner parties, but now I'm afraid it's all ruined.