Monday, April 16, 2007

The Candyman Can

At the Jelly Belly factory in Fairfield, CA. I was a little worried that the giant Jelly Belly would reach down, grab me with its giant jelly fingers, and eat me. The bunny ears did nothing to hide its sinister smile.

A slightly less menacing Jelly Belly. This one was creepy because I kept seeing the human underneath. Everytime I glimpsed human eyes (through the smile), I thought about how much he or she probably hated taking pictures with visitors like me. Sorry, giant jelly bean!

The Scharffen Berger factory in Berkeley was definitely an improvement. No anthropomorphized candy, just good old-fashioned free samples, and lots of them. The whole block smelled was like the building was surrounded with a chocolate cloud, and I even wanted to gnaw on the brick walls. I can honestly say the Scharffen Berger bathroom was the best-smelling bathroom I've ever been in.


Kaahl said...

nice. was going to give you a heads up. I am in LA all next week. Dinner sometime? Plewes in town?

Liz said...

Dinner YES. We love dinner and we love Karl, we're free most evenings except Tuesday. As far as I know the Plewes are back East, but then again FEED AND STEPHANIE WERE HERE FOR A WEEK AND DIDN'T CALL US, so maybe they're still around.

Not that we care, mind you.


Brittany said...

Mmmmm... Free Jelly Bellies.