Monday, May 21, 2007

Malibu Mist

In California in the early Spring
there are pale yellow mornings
when the mist burns slowly into day.
The air stings like autumn,
clarifies like pain.
Well I have dreamed this coast myself.
[Robert Hass]

and Bruce aren't the only ones to have run the Malibu trails recently. And by "trails," I mean "rabbit tracks through overgrown meadows." I love it.

[Side note: I think our pictures are from the same trail! Ray Miller y/n?]

THIS was the stunning ocean view I was promised. 2000 feet of climb for crashing waves! Sweeping vistas! Typical coastal fog!

Do you see the ocean? Me, I do not see the ocean.

I did see some fun Seussian plants, though. Oh Malibu, you so crazy.


Kaahl said...

most def same trail. It is one of my fav's. I just don't take pictures that often...

bruce said...

no pictures from me either, but i have seen the view. (you'll just have to try again.)

did you take those shots during the race? impressive.

Liz said...

Love the trail, would love to love the view but have yet to be given the chance. I would go every week if I didn't feel guilty about driving so far just for a training run. The pics were taken during a fun run, not a race. I'm not a contender but am still competitive enough not to stop for snapshots!