Monday, June 04, 2007

Everyone knows the most delicious part of the muffin is the top

Jason and I are obsessed with 30 Rock in the worst way.

This obsession is partially explained by the fact that it appears to be based on our lives. Exhibit A: "Kenneth" is clearly modeled on Jason, while "Liz Lemon" is a poorly disguised version of Liz LaBau.

The original:

The knockoff:

The original:

The knockoff:

But these television dopplegangers are just one reason why this show is so brilliant. Alec Baldwin is fantastically funny, Tracy Morgan is surprisingly tolerable, and it's given us a steady supply of one-liners to interject into random conversations at inappropriate times. ("Teehee! Pregnant cornbread!")

But undoubtedly the best--and worst--thing about our 30 Rock habit is the tenacious tapeworm of a song known as "Muffin Top." I'll finally get it out of my head, only to have Jason sidle up and whisper, "Everyone knows..." and then I'm back to square one, with 30 seconds of infernal dance pop bouncing around my brain. Please, internets, take it away:

Important Update! Today Jason saw the actor who plays Kenneth on the street! Could it really be a coincidence that he runs into his televisual alter ego less than a day after I make this post? Worlds are colliding!


Jason said...

So terrifyingly true...

Monique said...

Aren't dopplegangers supposed to implode when they unite?

I guess I gotta start watching 30 Rock because that video was awesome. -Reminds me of a friend from HS.