Sunday, September 30, 2007

Start Spreading the News

In celebration of the World's Funniest Sitcom returning to TV this week (Thursday night! NBC! DOOOOO ITTTTT) I present yours truly at the shrine of 30 Rock in NY:

Apologies for the blurriness. I had two different people take this picture, and both were horribly out of focus. Thanks for nothing, nice strangers.

I went to NY to do a media event for, and they sequestered me stationed me in a kitchen, where I made sample candies and tried to force-feed anorexic magazine reporters:

The event was in the top floor of a midtown loft, and it had a pretty sweet rooftop view:

Requisite Empire State shot:

My last morning there, I ditched the first hour of meetings (true story) to go running through the muggy air of Central Park. The humidity was good enough to eat.

Leaving was quite the ordeal. There was a huge storm, and dozens of flights were canceled. My plane almost didn't make it out, but after a 10-hour delay, I arrived safely in Burbank at 4:30am. I'll bet some of my fellow lounge lizards weren't quite so lucky:


Kaahl said...

NICE! Only 39 more days until shark week!