Thursday, January 17, 2008

Fashionably late

Pointing thumbs? Kicking heels? The Elaine dance can only mean one thing: birthday!

The best present was seeing my brother Jeremy, who just got back from his mission. I love this kid! He stayed the same (in all the good ways) and changed (in all the good ways).

But aside from Jer, the other presents were good too. Some were of a delicious nature:

While others were of a stabby nature:

I also received several hats for my birthday. I fear that this one was from the bargain bin:

This one, however, was custom-made for my noggin (haute couture!) by a professional balloon artist. Seriously. I could never part with it, of course, but I'm sure it's worth thousands on ebay.


Feed said...

Whoa. Hat-py birthday!

Kaahl said...

i like the basketball for comparison, or you for that matter. That hat makes you approximately 5 feet taller.

Liz said...

It really is gigantic--it barely fit into the trunk of the car!

LaBauski said...

That hat is glorious. Must say.