Monday, February 25, 2008

Northern California Dreamin'

At last the day of my (pseudo) unemployment is almost here. I finally decided that the only thing better than whining about my nutso job all the time was, you know, not being at my nutso job anymore. This Friday is ostensibly my last day, although I might be back next week to train a replacement if we don't hire someone this week.

Obviously, I can't WAIT for the sweet freedom and utter irresponsibility of not having a daily job. (I'm still at my other job). My to-do list for March is packed full of exciting things like shampooing the carpets (yay!) replanting our balcony herb garden (delicious!) and finally setting up a recycling system for our household (ecologically responsible!) All of this will be accomplished between bouts of existential angst, daytime movie watching, and hunting for a newer, better, shinier job. Another pastry position? Another freelance writing gig? Who knows?

However, the BEST thing about the next few weeks is my upcoming trip to the Bay Area. Finally! We went for a few days at Christmas but it was very brief and not nearly long enough to really relax. The top 3 things I'm looking forward to:

1. Family time. Jer & I are already planning epic trail runs and gym time, karaoke parties, and food feasts.

2. Tiiiiina! My college BFF--ever since she went back to school for her masters our cross-state visits have been too few and far between. She has a swank pad in SF and every trip north yields further explorations of the city's endless awesome restaurants, boutiques, and book stores.

3.The outdoors. There are some gorgeous places around LA, but it still can't compare to the cooler, lusher Bay Area. These shots are from the park near my parent's house. There's a nice 7-mile loop I run here every day when I'm home. I always see deer and sometimes bobcats and once, possibly, a mountain lion. (Or else the world's largest bobcat). I am tired of desert and want my greenery back!


Monique said...

Oh, to be unemployed. I seek after this state of life, too.

I liked the bit about Northern California, as well. Tim and I are big fans.