Tuesday, July 22, 2008


To-Do List When Unexpectedly Not Working:

Work out like a crazy person. Ideally twice a day. Go to the gym; hike in the park; hit those yoga classes you've been neglecting; curse your rubber-band tight hamstrings; sweat more than you've sweated in a year.

Do a full grocery shopping run, not just little things here and there. Make real dinner. And even better: eat real dinner, at a normal dinner time, with husband. Marvel at how it's still light when you're eating dinner.

Fiddle around in the kitchen making unnecessary desserts. Take lots of pictures and begin blogging on the neglected dessert website.

Watch movies of middling quality. Ponder how in the world Atonement got all those Oscar nominations. Wistfully recall the time when you did not have the warbling of Pierce Brosnan and Meryl Streep to haunt your nightmares.

Make lots of work-related phone calls. Be sure to not get ahold of anyone who can actually provide answers.

Calculate how long you can legitimately not work before changing your profession from "pastry chef" to "bum-about-town."


Jason said...

An excellent to-do list. I hope the final calculation comes out to at least "several months." Also, thanks for the dinner and deserts.

Monique said...

Sounds like fun!

My friend from church lost her job and all was bliss until the other ladies kept coming up to her saying "you know, maybe this is a sign to have a baby."

She got another job soon after that began.