Friday, October 31, 2008

Trunk or Treat

Halloween shenanigans at the ward Trunk or Treat party...

I went as a hippie, Jason went as a mime, together we were Peace & Quiet. Oh ho ho, it works on so many levels. Jason is a terrifying awesome mime, and people were really impressed. He also scared small children, including one who would run crying from him, shouting, "Witch! Witch!" Maybe now he'll listen when I say people don't like mimes...

We were supposed to decorate our car trunks. A last-minute trip to the 99 cent store netted a pretty sweet spiderweb, some spiders and rats, and a flashing skull. We only got one comment on how "scary" the Obama stickers were...we expected a few more!

Yeah, many other trunks put ours to shame.

I liked Brett & KT's the best. Everything is better with corpses.

Their costumes were pretty sweet, too.

Heather & Tom in their " Jaws" car.

Chris went as Shrek...
...while Holly and Whitney were a rabbit and a chicken, aka "ogre food."

Tim & Leslie also got into the couples costume spirit. All That & A Bag of...Hips?