Thursday, May 22, 2008

Home sweet home

Back from Chicago! Totally, completely bushed. Overall the trip was fantastic and I'm so glad I went. I met a lot of friendly, interesting people and sampled a lot of fun candy. I tended to gravitate toward the smaller chocolate companies out of taste bud preference, and there are some really exciting new companies and products out. Yum. The final haul covered most of my (king size) bed:

I have more fun pictures but posting them is beyond my sleep-deprived brain right now. But before I go, I must say: I met Jacques Torres! He gave a luncheon lecture/chocolate tasting session and was funny and charming and oh so French. He's done some instructional videos for the candy site so I introduced myself afterwards and got to chat with him for a bit. Definitely one of the highlights of the trip.


Sara said...

How the heck did you get into the candy expo!? I want to go to one of these shindigs! I swear, I'd pass out of happiness as I entered the doors.

Liz said...

I got in on a press pass. It's pretty strictly for buyers (from stores, wholesalers, distributors, etc) and candy companies, but they do allow press in for free. Start a candy blog, and in a year's time you can go! :)

Chris and Holly said...

Wow- this is quite incredible! Good thinking with the extra duffle bag! What a dream job! Ha. I say that after knowing the crazy work month you've had. Glad you've been having some fun and hope you have rest on the way. By the way, how did you center your photos on your sidebar? Mine drive me nuts.