Sunday, March 16, 2008

Goodbye, Los Angeles...

I once again Megabussed my way up to the Bay Area. Can't argue with $30 round-trip, and I love being able to read and work on the way up. I also love the smug feeling of superiority watching all the polluters clogging the roadways.

Small wonder our bus driver chose this restaurant to stop at on the journey.

Gorgeous views on the drive up. I missed my greenery!

Little known fact: the Bat Cave is actually located in San Jose.

I saw some great wildlife on my run yesterday. Apparently deer, like leprechauns, cannot be photographed successfully. I took about 20 pictures and all of them turned out blurry. I also saw a flock of wild turkeys-- those things are scary! They came up to my waist and were seriously huge.


Care Bear said...

you just have to sneak up on the deer....or let them get distracted by eating apples in my dad's backyard.

So, you like to run...right? You should come out to colorado and run in the colorado marathon or something...I know a couch you could stay on. ;-)

OH, and Happy Early Easter1!!!