Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Rock the Vote

Now that I have some free time, I'm thinking of starting my own candy/pastry company. I don't know if I'll really do anything with it now, but I want to start getting organized--get a logo, a webpage, stuff like that while I actually have time to do it all. The actual business of producing sweets will come later.

First, though, I need a name. I've been toying with options revolving around a play on my last name. Since it means "the beautiful" in French, there are a lot of dessert-related possibilities. I like the rhyming of "LaBau Gateau" or its properly spelled cousin, "Le Beau Gateau"--meaning "beautiful cake." I also like the sound of "La Belle & Le Beau," which simply means "the beautiful (girl) & (boy)" but has a nice ring to it. And of course, I can't decide whether I should use the proper spelling or the way my name is spelled.

So internets, I turn to you. There's a poll on the right where you can vote for which one you like, or if you have any brilliant ideas of your own (or even moderately smart ideas, I'm not that picky) leave me a comment.


Jason said...

I still don't know what I'll vote for, but I do know that I LOVE this photo set. I'm sure your company website will be gorgeous (and delicious).

Tom said...

I voted for two, I hope that doesn't screw up your data set ("Data Set Pastry Shoppe", now that has a nice je ne sais quois).

Kaahl said...

I have my own great ideas:

1. LaBau in the Chateau, for starters
2. LaBau's LeBaked, for another (this would also be good for a hydroponics store)
3. LaBau Po Mo Fo (only funny if you know chinese, and learned it in Taiwain, so consider that for targeting the discerning american pastry lover in Taiwan when you open up a branch).
4. Le (Fancy) Donuts -- fancy is optional.
5. Give Me Your @(*% Money.
6. LaBau's Free-range Pastry Ranch (people *LOVE* free range).
7. Goldwater's Dainties (this would be a husband/wife deal)
8. LaBau's Post-feminist Tarts (bring your scripps education into it, but prove you are beyond it, by cooking all day long, and making people unsure if you are the tart or if the tarts are pastries. This would also be good if you wanted to open up a whore house.)

Kaahl said...

Also, I just reread my comment and laughed out loud. I am particularly proud of "Goldwater's Dainties."

Kaahl said...

Maybe "Goldwater's French Dainties" would be better?

Liz said...

Karl, I now see the value of "consultants." You are HIRED as my marketing manager. Please do translate option #3 for us oafs who don't speak Chinese.

Tom said...

Also Goldwater's Dainties requires explanation (scanning for connection between conservative politician and Liz's baked goods... no result).

Steve, Chadlee, Stella and Baby #2 said...

So many cute ideas to work with. I tried to vote but it wasn't working on my computer. My pick is Le Beau Gateau or LaBau Gateau. I'm leaning towards Le Beau Gateau though because otherwise some people may not understand that it's your name and may think it's a typo or mistake. Your creations are magnifique! I want to reach through the screen and grab one of those cupcakes :)

Feed said...

La Belle & Le Beau, fo sho. Karl is wrong about number 3 on his list, which I'm almost certain is funnier when I do not pronounce it properly.

Care Bear said...

I like either LaBau and La Belle. LaBau Gateau (or however it was spelled). But whatever you choose...definately use the spelling of your last name. It makes it more personal.
Carrie (Chris and Holly's sister)

Anonymous said...

Hmm, I think I like La Belle LaBau, was that an option? It rolls off the pallet well... do I remember my intro linguistics class well enough to remember why that is? Oh, well, the terms escape me, but all the consonants are articulated in the front of the mouth, thus requiring less effort to pronounce. Oh wait, now I just sound lazy. Ah well. I also like the free-range option, or the Post-Feminist Tarts... that has a nice wink to it.

Cheers, Hillary