Thursday, September 25, 2008

Supersize Me II: Revenge of the Burger

If you saw Supersize Me on DVD, you might have caught the bonus footage on the DVD where he talks about a really old McDonald's burger he kept for months, and how it basically didn't change--it had so many chemicals it preserved itself.

I just came across this website about a 12-year old McDonald's hamburger. Ever wonder what a 12-year old hamburger looks like? (Hint: it looks like every other McD's burger). Definitely makes me glad I don't partake, as I'm sure my body wouldn't like trying to "digest" that.

Off my soapbox now. Happy eating, all!


Tom and Heather said...

Ugh! Loved Super Size Me - hate McDonald's. Although I did eat a fair amount of their vanilla soft-serve in high was the closest place to ditch class! Ha, ha.
Anyway, ick.

LaBauski said...

I've hated McDonalds for a long time to the point that my brothers(I don't remember if your husband is included, maybe just Ffej and Alec)tried to convince me that it was psychological. This doesn't help. :)