Friday, September 05, 2008


Arizona wasn't all choreographed musical numbers and random acts of cruiser-inspired violence, oh no. There was also fun and games and ill-advised singing sessions. Presenting...

Proving that you don't have to be drunk to exuberantly fail at karaoke, my family got rowdy with the mike for several hours one night.
My signature song is "It's Raining Men," the Geri Halliwell version. I'm really, really good!

Clockwise from top left: Jeremy and I doing "Bohemian Rhapsody," Amy doing "Colors of the Wind" (she rocked it), my mom and Aunt Alice doing "Hello Dolly." Sadly they did not do it Louis Armstrong style.

How creepy is Jason?!? This is why I can't take him places.
I failed spectacularly at mini golf, but I did get a hole in one! Once. The rest of the time I just gave myself sixes and moved on.

Yes, that is my mom fishing her ball out of the water. I'm not the only one who sucked.


It wouldn't be a family vacation without...a gun? Well, an air gun, anyway. We had a little target practice. I was in the lead for a time (sheer luck) but then Grandma stepped up to the plate and blew us all away. Figuratively. I think I most enjoy the gleeful look on my mom's face as she fires (top left).


Care Bear said...

yup. sure have!! Cruiser Bruiser. by the name and everything!! Sorry to burst that bubble!!

Chadlee said...

Great pictures. I always get a good laugh with your posts. It looks like you guys had cooler weather too. I assume you were up in northern CA.