Saturday, April 12, 2008

The Duce

The scene: LA Fitness on Hollywood, Friday morning. I've just finished my workout, and I'm sweaty, hungry, and feeling like someone just pounded me with a baseball bat. I'm stumbling down the stairs, bone-tired and not looking where I'm going. Who do I quite literally run into?

Yes, the creepy man-child himself, Danny Bonaduce. He was sans bow tie but plus a shirt, which is the kind of math I endorse. He was also about five-five, which perhaps explains his life of tragic overcompensation/underperformance.


chadlee said...

Oooh, another star sighting. Who knew he was shorter than us?

Kaahl said...

that pic looks good. How is the turb training going? up for running anytime this summer?

Dan said...

I'm 5'5". Is being short worse than being fat? Would you dis a fat person too?