Saturday, April 12, 2008

Shareen Vintage

A few years ago, a stylist friend raved about a great vintage dress store she had found. "Amazing selection," she said. "Brilliant discovery," she said. "Hidden gem," she said.

How hidden?

Let's just say I got a little nervous while trying to find this place. I drove from the freeway to a large street, to a smaller street, to a semi-paved road with lots of sketchy loiterers walking down the trolley tracks in the center. I had to stop myself from doing that obnoxious yuppie lock-the-car-doors-while-looking-casual thing.
I actually missed it the first time around. I was on the correct street, trying to find numbers on the warehouses, and came to a dead end. I gambled that the vintage store wasn't housed in someone's RV, and turned around.
Success! A true sign that I found the right place.
They weren't kidding about no boys allowed. The selection is wonderfully, exuberantly feminine, with lots of frothy party dresses. Most of the merchandise is vintage, but the owner designed her own clothing line for awhile, so there are some new pieces as well. There are also monster bargains: most dresses were priced between $25-65, and many of them were gorgeous.
Another reason no men are allowed: no dressing rooms! Lots of half-nekkid ladies running around, stripping down in front of the mirrors to change. I made like a prude and changed behind some curtains...I guess I'm not as bohemian as I used to be.
The space is a large warehouse, with oversized comfy furniture juxtaposed with racks of clothes and artwork on the huge walls.
This store also offered two of my favorite things: orange accessories......and free food! A veritable smorgasborg for the taking. Power shoppers need to keep up our strength, you know.
I sadly didn't find a dress for my brother's wedding (although I finally found one today at another store, yesss) but I fell in love with this charming place and will definitely be back. Mwa!

Shareen Vintage
350 North Avenue 21
Los Angeles, Ca. 90031
(323) 276-6226
Open Wednesdays & Saturdays, 10-5
Sundays 12-6


Kaahl said...

wait, so no boys allowed but cameras are fine? this sounds like every teenage boy's dream come true. Do you guys have pillow fights?

Monique said...

Karl is so nasty.

This place looks cool, thanks for sharing. We're planning on going back to Cali in June, maybe I'll have to check it out, too.

Liz said...

Karl: I'm really not supposed to give away girl secrets, but so let's just say that there might have been hair braiding, nail polishing, and truth or dare involved.

And I kept my picture taking on the downlow. I didn't want anyone to think I was trying to snap nudie pics.

Monique: You should totally check it out! It's a lot of fun...lots of people were there with their girlfriends, hanging out on the furniture and chatting.

Chris and Holly said...

Oooo. . .next time you go, let me know! I'm guessing Jane told you about this? This sounds like a good one!

Good luck at your new job tomorrow!!