Sunday, April 20, 2008

Stompin' Grounds

Guess where I went last weekend? Here's a hint:

Here's an even bigger hint:
Yes, back to the old stomping grounds! Jason presented his first! academic! paper! at a conference in Claremont on Saturday, so I went down to cheer him on (and by the way, his was totally the best, both in terms of content and presentation, he's an academic rock star). A bout of nostalgia made me walk through the Scripps campus before I left town.

The campus looked exactly the same. It's hard to believe that I graduated five years ago this May. Our reunion is the same weekend as my brother's wedding, so it's fitting that I took this side trip since I won't be able to attend the official reunion weekend. This was my senior year dorm:

I had a sweet second-story pad with a balcony overlooking the rose garden. Aforementioned garden:The garden is bordered by Graffiti Wall, where each graduating class paints a themed mural and signs their names. The most infamous is the "hanging graduates," a mural from the 1930's depicting a group of cap and gown-clad women hanging from gallows. They didn't mess around back then! Our "Women Under Construction" theme was considerably tamer. Look, Ma, I'm a tagger:My old friend, the Humanities Goat. He has suffered more indignities--and been outfitted in more costumes--than I can mention. I particularly liked his toga party outfit.
Artist: Elizabeth LaBau
Medium: Digital Photography
Title: Self-Portrait With Goatstache, 2008
The Motley was hopping as usual. All of those studious folks brought back competing feelings of nostalgia and relief that I don't have to write a senior thesis ever again.
Kicking it with La Semuse, one last time:


Monique said...

This was a nice walk through.

People would be crazy to go to college anywhere but the 5Cs says me! Look at how freakin' beautiful your school is! And I may be biased in saying they also produce the most intellectually stimulating people I've ever met. -Jason's presentation to back me up.

Jason said...

As if happened, I also took a little walk through the colleges with two other presenters. We stopped in the rose garden and checked Elizabeth's name too. They were very impressed with both Scripps and Pomona. It was a wonderful day for a tour (except for our sore dress-shoe clad feet).

chadlee said...

The campus and your old dorm are beautiful. That's nice you could go back and visit.